Architetture oltre le frontiere
Progetti per Affrontare l’ Emergenze
Cultures survive through disasters and emergencies. Although it is difficult for them to flourish, people don’t lose their cultural identities or abandon their habits. They continue to live and not just survive. They laugh, they sleep, they read, they paint. In these cases, architecture can provide the space of social interaction. It can become the scenography of any social group that struggles.
This is a two-part architecture workshop for emergency situations. The objective is to design and construct an installation/shelter that will address the needs of people in emergency. It should be cheap, easy to construct and mostly made by recycled materials.
The design workshop is the first part and it will take place in Rome, Italy, while the second part refers to the project’s construction and will take place in Heraklion, Greece.
Both workshops are for architects, designers, students.
Guidance: Giuseppe Vultaggio, Dimitra Chatziandreou
Philosophy consultor: Piero Meogrossi

Workshop Rome

Workshop Rome was the first part of our venture.

It was a Design Workshop for an installation/shelter for emergency situations. Eleven Architects and Architecture students worked together in teams and created three particular projects. Each project described an installation able to address the needs of any group of people that struggles. All three of them are cheap, easy to construct and mostly made by recycled materials.

The workshop was realized on April 21, 2018 at Impact Hub Roma

Guidance by: Giuseppe Vultaggio, Dimitra Chatziandreou

Philosophy consultant: Piero Meogrossi

Project “Lightbox

Team: Sofia Meletti, Gian Luca Petroselli, Laura Tistarelli


The pavilion aims to function as a small, open theatre. Its structure consists of aluminum tubes and construction pipes while its wide sides are covered with scaffolding nets. These create a suggestive play of light and an intimate, cozy atmosphere. The pavilion is designed for screening and art performances, functioning also as an urban center. Flexibility is one of the main characteristic of our project. In fact, it is possible for it to open and close in diverse configurations, according to multiple needs.

Project “Warm wall

Team: Daniele Voci, Ivan Simotti, Laleh Sahebjamenia, Silvia Casagrande, Sina Haschemi


Warm wall. This is the name that we have chosen for our project. Born from the idea to give to the victim of a natural disaster new hope, to rebuild what it had been destroyed, a place that they can spend time together. We have conceived the wall not as something that must divide but as a structure that became physically a space to live (could be also inside the wall, it changes is thickness). We wanted to include different functions in order to captivate the attention of more people in a small space. The main recycle material is scaffold pipes and net/curtains/drapes. The space is organized in two main area. The first that we came across, it’s the one where we can imagine like an open market, where they can sell their products (the line with 1.50m of thickness) and we also offer a place to have a sit and enjoy the products with a good view outside the wall (0.40m thickness). At the end you reach a more closed area, the wall (0.40m thickness) became the limits of room for educational and recreational activity but it could be changed. This area could switch its wide and its function just moving the pipes system. Now it became biggest and moving the sitting and the pallets we can arrange a small cinema or a small theater.

Project “Social Boxes

Team: Antonio Pinna, Giuseppe Lalla, Lorenzo Martelli


Social boxes is a project for emergency situations. It is a cell growing system for creating spaces of social and collective function. Each box can be easily constructed by two people in less than two hours, following the written instruction and using the materials included in a provided construction kit. There are three type of social boxes, distinguished by their main construction material: The textile boxes, the wooden-case boxes and the bottle boxes. The projects objective is to facilitate each individual, family or group to create their own collective, personalized spaces during emergencies, thus creating a new social, ever-growing layer of function, inside an existing housing structure.





Workshop Crete

Workshop Crete will be the second and last part of our venture.

It will be a five-day construction Workshop of the installation/shelter that will be designed during the first workshop in Rome. The installation will function as a response to emergency situations, by addressing people’s needs during disasters.

After its construction, the installation will be exhibited in the city of Heraklion, Crete and then donated to a humanitarian association.

Workshop Crete will be realised in spring of 2019.

The exact date and location will be announced in the following months.




Registration Opening for Workshop Rome: 19/03/2018

Registration Closing for Workshop Rome: 20/04/2018

Design Workshop in Rome: 21/04/2018

Publication of the designed project: 03/05/2018

Design workshop in Heraklion: Spring 2019

Date and location of the 2nd Workshop in Crete will be announced in the following months