Architetture oltre le frontiere
Progetti per Affrontare l’ Emergenze
Cultures survive through disasters and emergencies. Although it is difficult for them to flourish, people don’t lose their cultural identities or abandon their habits. They continue to live and not just survive. They laugh, they sleep, they read, they paint. In these cases, architecture can provide the space of social interaction. It can become the scenography of any social group that struggles.
This is a two-part architecture workshop for emergency situations. The objective is to design and construct an installation/shelter that will address the needs of people in emergency. It should be cheap, easy to construct and mostly made by recycled materials.
The design workshop is the first part and it will take place in Rome, Italy, while the second part refers to the project’s construction and will take place in Heraklion, Greece.
Both workshops are for architects, designers, students.
Guidance: Giuseppe Vultaggio, Dimitra Chatziandreou
Philosophy consultor: Piero Meogrossi